3 Australian Destinations Foodies Can’t Miss

Food Destinations Inspired by its multi-ethnic and ever evolving cosmopolitan profile and diversity of flavours, Australia has come a long way from lying in the shadows of English food to forging a cohesive culinary identity of its own. Today, the country is rich with restaurants showcasing fine food traditions and wine-and-dine festivals that bring Australian food to enthusiastic tourists and locals.


Fleet fishing directly from the Pacific, Sydney is a seafood lover’s haven. Drop by the Sydney Fishing Market (also featuring an oyster bar and a cooking school) at Pyrmont and witness fish auctions, or tuck into a plate for fresh seafood at a harbour-side eatery. For a filling meal on a budget, grab the fish and chips platters at Bondi Beach. Hunter Valley, located near Sydney, is ideal for stylish wine tasting experiences.


Queensland’s tropical weather provides the base for a remarkable coffee culture. Bean roasting and well-trained baristas are known to whip up the perfect caffeine concoctions at cafes across the state. Tropical fruits such as lychees, breadfruit, mangoes and pawpaw make their way into the food and desserts scene, as well. Enjoy a fine selection of beef reared at Queensland’s many cattle farms. Regatta Hotel noted that private dining restaurants in Brisbane are likewise popular with food lovers for their beautiful and relaxed setting.


Melbourne is the unquestioned food capital of Australia with its epicurean restaurants, eclectic fine dining and budget diners. From back alley bars, popular cellars, and late-night street food hubs like Chinatown to local fresh produce shops at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne’s culinary charm is unsurpassable.

Australia’s deep-rooted passion for food is no secret and is deftly demonstrated in their rich food choices. Savour rich and multiple culinary experiences at the country’s different regions, while enjoying its craft beer tradition and winery tours.