3 Reasons to Go For Orthodontic 3D Printing

Dental clinic

3D printing has revolutionized many industries and businesses today, and dentistry is no exception. It has limitless potential, especially when it comes to creating orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontics requires understanding the specific layout of a person’s mouth, jaw, and teeth in order to provide a perfect solution for any oral problems that need solving. For years, casting has been the necessary step towards oral mapping. It tended to be a long, risky, and imprecise process. There’s much that 3D printing can offer that makes it worth exploring.

Here are three reasons you should leverage this new technology:


Through the integration of software and hardware, it’s easy enough to map a patient’s mouth. Again, alginate used to be the go-to material for casting a plaster model of their teeth and mouth. With a 3D printer, an absolutely precise and exact model can be printed out in a shorter amount of time. This process is also very clean—avoiding the mess of having plaster everywhere. This streamlines things so you can do more with far less time.


Many advances in the technology today have ensured that the resulting product of 3D printing is far more durable and resilient to damage over time. This makes for models that last a lifetime and aren’t vulnerable to breakage. Any other implements like dentures produced by a 3D printer for orthodontics also benefit from this strength, giving your clients value for their money and less fear that the dentures will break.


While the investment in a 3D printer—especially a quality one—can be costly, it’s worth it in the long run. Note that the actual materials to produce a 3D product don’t cost that much. Given the efficiency and precision the technology allows, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will serve your practice well. Additionally, you can also pass these savings on to your patients for added value.

With these three benefits, it’s clear that investing in 3D printing for your orthodontic practice is well worth the money.