3 Senior Exercises to Keep You Strong and Well-Balanced

Seniors doing exercises on the swimming poolSenior living in Utah County or anywhere else in the state for that matter usually involves several daily activities that, if you’re still strong enough, can keep you busy during your entire residency. Legacy Village of Provo reminds that you have to be more careful, however, as moving around in your age isn’t the same as when you were younger.

When participating in any senior living activity, you may slip and fall if you’re not careful enough. Research shows that in 2014 alone, one in three adults (aged 65 years and older) were involved in a falling incident. To prevent such thing from happening, it’s best to keep yourself strong and well-balanced by exercising.

The United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) reviewed 20 studies and concluded that fall prevention can be accomplished through exercise. As such, the exercises suggested below — which are geared towards strength and balance improvement — are ideal. Make sure you get a go signal from a physician to prevent injury, however.

Exercises for Strength

For leg and back strength, you can get a chair and sit on the edge while leaning forward slightly. Proceed to stand slowly, using your legs to push yourself up and keeping your gaze straight ahead. Finally, stand upright before sitting down again to return to your initial position. You can repeat this exercise five times.

For arm strength, you can perform wall push-ups or bicep curls. Repeat the exercises five times for three sets. Do take note, for the bicep curls, you can use light weights instead of heavyweights or you can fill 500mL bottles with water to serve as weights.

Exercises for Balance

For balance, you can perform five repetitions of step-ups for each leg in a slow but controlled manner. This exercise will help with climbing up staircases. You can also improve your general mobility through sideways walking. Stand upright, feet together, and step sideways slowly with one leg first. Move the other leg subsequently and repeat for 10 steps.

Through the exercises above, you can improve your strength and your balance. In turn, you can enjoy all the daily activities of senior living without risk of falling.