3 Things Everyone with Tattoo Regret Needs to Know

Tattoo Removal in UtahAbout half of the people who ever got tattoos want to undergo tattoo removal. Reasons they had ink done include drunk dares, temporary emotional instability, passionate love affairs, and more. The numbers are the same in all states, from Arizona to Utah.

However, tattoo removal isn’t impossible. And if you’re one of the regretful, udmpc.com reveals three things you should know.

1. Removing ink can hurt.

Before the rise in popularity of laser tattoo removal, clinics used to recommend painful procedures that practice dermabrasion, or the scrubbing away of skin layers to get to the part where ink lies.

Some patients have described the pain as excruciating. Laser tattoo removal can be discomforting too, but it isn’t worse as the pain of getting ink done.

2. You can’t do it at home.

Some dangerous myths have been in circulation since people started to want their tattoos to go away. The most popular myth is DIY salabration or the scrubbing of salt on skin.

This myth has gained traction because it’s complementary to the rule of not exposing your tattoo to saltwater when you first had it. But this is painful and has unwanted results like scarring and discoloration of the skin.

3. You won’t go to the doctor only once.

The number of treatments required for your tattoo depends on the tattoo’s size and color, and the susceptibility of your skin to treatment. And even if you’re opting for the best method available today, which is laser treatment, the story is the same.

Tattoo removal isn’t an easy procedure, but it isn’t terribly hard, either. Laser tattoo removal is the way to go if you’re looking for a way to remove that mark on your skin. The latest in this technology can get ink removed more safely and with much less after effects than how other methods can.