4 Foods That Surprisingly Keep You Up at Night

Humans need to sleep. While science can’t fully explain why we do it, it’s common knowledge that taking a tour to the dreamland for about 8 hours—preferably going to bed anytime between 8PM and 12AM—is essential to let the body recover to function optimally the next day.

In the real world, though, a variety of factors can deprive you from getting all the shuteye you need; one of them is your diet. Several foods—specifically those that contain the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan, like dairy products—help you drift off without disruption and get adequate rest throughout the night. Not all, however, delivers the same effect.

Wonder what are they? Well, they’re probably the ones to blame why you’re all cranky and lackluster this morning.

Stuff with Caffeine

cup of coffeeEverybody knows that caffeine is the reason coffee is an effective drink to stay alert, but are you aware that it also hides in some other food as well?

The less popular sources of this stimulant are tea, chocolate, and cola. Don’t fall prey into the illusion that decaffeinated coffee won’t give you that kick to stay awake, because you’re dead wrong. Also, many over-the-counter meds contain this substance. Unless you intend to be drowsy, it’s best to ask the pharmacist beforehand.

High-Fat Foods

Burger, steak, and fries are poor bedtime snack choices. Apart from the fact they’re it takes a while for tummy to break them down, a heavy meal turns on your digestion. This may result in bathroom visits over the night, which may interrupt your sleep cycle.

Alcoholic Beverage

Sure, boozing before bedtime can help you sleep faster, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting all the rest you require. It robs you of precious REM (rapid eye movement) ZZZs—the restorative stage of slumber. If you exceed over one glass of wine come nighttime, you may log a complete 8 hours of sleep yet still feel tired in the morning.


By all means, water is right at the top of all essentials for survival, but it has a slight side effect. Drinking a certain amount of water can fill up your bladder and cause you to take a leak in the middle of the night. Going back and forth from your bed to the restroom halts your REM sleep. According to experts, avoid drinking any kind of fluid an hour before going to bed.

As they say, what you eat is what you are. Be cautious of the stuff you consume before bedtime and develop a healthy habit of eating the right ones to get a good night’s sleep.