4 Tooth Care Tips for First Time Parents

Small boy brushing his teethDo you remember that moment when taking care of your pearly whites was not second nature? As a parent, especially a new one, you have the obligation of taking care of your kids’ teeth as if they were your own. Making sure your kids understand the right oral habits that will make their teeth healthy is an important task, so teaching them the basics is crucial.

Make it start at home

Encourage good oral habits, such as flossing and brushing at home with your kids. Let them observe you while doing such activities, so they’ll learn the importance of a good oral hygiene. By leading an example, you help them improve their overall well-being and change their future habits and ways of living.

Incorporate healthy food

As soon as your kids start to begin solid food, take this opportunity to familiarize them with healthy food that their teeth and body will appreciate. Soft ones, such as bananas or sweet potatoes, have the necessary vitamins that will support healthy teeth and avoid diseases.

Reward your kids for a job well done

Giving rewards are effective motivators for reinforcing a habit. Do your kids love working towards a bigger prize? Create a chart that can track the number of days they brush and floss without having tantrums. You can let them add a sticker or a mark to their chart when they did well. This way, they combine fun with good oral hygiene.

Visit the dentist

Lastly, make sure your kids understand the importance of visiting a pediatric dentist in Cottonwood Heights. Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist explains that their first visit can involve not doing any real dental work. Their initial visit could be about opening their minds to what a dentist does, so they can become comfortable the moment a dentist starts to take a peek at their mouth.

Make your child’s teeth healthier as they grow up. It all starts with a healthy habit that they consider as second nature.