4 Types of Food Your Dentist Will Not Recommend to Eat

Types of Food Your Dentist Will Not Recommend to Eat in HertfordshireYou may still remember your mother telling you not to eat many candies because it damages your teeth. But do you know that there are other foods that you also have to avoid?

Can you still remember the time when your mother would tell you that dentists are your best friends? You might recall how you feared the whirring sound of the dental equipment whenever you visit the dental clinic, but it was for a good cause, right? Now that you have finally come to terms that dentists are friends, then you may want to heed their advice when it comes to foods that could wreak havoc to your teeth. 

Be sure you do not eat these: 

Sugar Galore

This can be a bit hard considering that almost all of the foods at present contain sugar. According to Best Health Mag, the bacteria in your mouth feel like they are in paradise whenever you start chewing on something sugary. Eating these foods makes your mouth produce acids that strongly damage the teeth. Hence, doing so can lead to teeth decay. Take note that this applies to both adults and kids.

Acidic Presence

The presence of acid in your mouth can damage the enamel, Cuffley Village Dental Practice explains. This is why pickles, red wine, citrus fruits and tomatoes are not in a dentist’s list. The acid content of these foods is off the charts, which could certainly damage your teeth. The moment you see any sign of decay, make sure you visit an Enfield orthodontist so that proper dental care can be provided.

Sticky Snacks

Sticky foods obviously stick to your teeth longer than other kinds of foods. Since it takes longer for them to lose their grip on your teeth, it would be eating away at your teeth for longer periods too, causing much damage. So try to avoid sugary gum and toffee.


Do not raise your eyebrows at “ice” because this may be an innocent looking food that you tend to reach out for, but it could spell disaster for the teeth. Yes, ice does not contain any sugar, but chewing on it can lead to major teeth damage, said Prevention.com. When you nibble on ice, you may easily break or crack your teeth.

Before you reach for sugary, sticky, acidic and hard foods, try to remember that these can cause damage to your teeth. Better reach for healthy choices like leafy greens and water so that you will always have the best smile wherever you go.