5 Things Every Wedding Should Have

weddingWeddings are simply one of the most significant events in anyone’s life. Imagine walking down the aisle with your father or guardian ready to turn you over to your husband-to-be. Or, if you were the groom, imagine yourself standing just before the altar anxiously waiting for your bride to be endorsed to you by her father.

In either case, your wedding is sure to create a few knots in your tummy that no amount of air-conditioning can ever prevent your sweat from forming. Although it cannot really solve your wedding anxieties, planning well ahead of time for your wedding must-haves will significantly reduce it, nonetheless.

  • Create a list of your important guests

You might not know it later, but you just missed inviting your best friend to your wedding. It helps to have a shortlist of your guests who will be attending the single most important day in your life. Also, you need to point them out to your wedding photographer, so he will know who to shoot later on during the ceremony.

  • You need to have a bridesmaid crisis kit

You cannot expect to be bringing with you all the supplies you will need in a fashion emergency. Have your closest friend bring a clutch containing all your wedding crisis management essentials like safety pins, lip gloss, compact mirror, aspirin, emery board, hair pins, eyelash glue, hair spray, and deodorants, among others.

  • You need an emergency contact file

You will never know if the limousine driver got lost looking for your wedding location or that the floral delivery man is still nowhere to be found. It is always best to have all the contact numbers of your wedding day vendors in one convenient filing system such as on your smartphone.

  • You will need someone who can do the makeup for you

Unless you are a professional makeup artist then you clearly don’t need this. But, if you are going to do it yourself, your arms will already be too tired from all that foundation and mascara applications that you will not be able to enjoy your wedding day anymore. You need to relax and just let someone you know who has a gift for doing makeups take care of the rest.

  • Make sure to have the event well recorded

You definitely need a videographer to cover at least the most important parts of the wedding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime memory, and keeping a record of it is a great thing. It should never be a problem if a videographer is not possible since there are affordable wedding photographers, such as ClayJar.co.za. Or if not, try going DIY by asking a close friend or relative to record at least the most essential details of the wedding.

Aside from these, you may also need to make sure you have extra cash on hand for those just-in-case situations. Also, don’t forget to look your best on your wedding day. It is, after all, your day.

Ensuring you have all the necessary things for your all-important day is something that you need to do well beforehand. Plan together with your partner for he or she is meant to be in this as well.