5 Ways Your Doctor Can Close Your Varicose Veins

a doctor checking a patient's lower limbAre your varicose veins causing skin problems, pain, or blood clots? You may need a medical procedure to either close or remove the veins.

Here are five ways your vein doctor in Miami can close your varicose veins.

1. Sclerotherapy

During this procedure, a doctor injects a liquid chemical directly into the vein. The solution causes irritation and scarring inside the varicose vein.

Once the vein closes off, blood changes routes and flows through healthier veins. Later, the shut vein gets reabsorbed into surrounding tissue and ultimately fades.

2. Microsclerotherapy

This procedure is similar to sclerotherapy. However, microsclerotherapy involves finer needles and smaller varicose veins. The doctor uses a small needle to inject a solution to a very small varicose vein. The solution scars the vein and causes it to shut.

3. Laser Therapy

Laser light can help close a small varicose vein with no cuts or injections. Laser light applied to the vein damages and scars the vein. The scar tissue then closes the treated vein. When blood reroutes to other veins, the closed vein dies and eventually fades.

4. Endovenous Ablation Therapy

This treatment uses a laser or radio waves to close a varicose vein. A doctor makes a cut in the patient’s skin and inserts a catheter into the vein.

Attached to the tube is a device designed to create heat using a laser or radio waves. The device heats the inside of the varicose vein.

5. Endoscopic Vein Surgery

This treatment involves a tiny camera on a small tube. A surgeon threads the camera into the varicose vein through a cut in the patient’s skin. The doctor then uses an attached surgical device to close the vein.

A vein doctor can close or remove problematic varicose veins. Shutting a vein reroutes blood to kill the blood vessel. The vein is soon reabsorbed by local tissue.