Adventurous Mood? Places You Should Visit in Sentosa

Visit to SentosaDo you love exploring new destinations? Well, the festive season is here and with the joy that is all over the world, the least you can do is have fun. There are many fun activities you can engage in with this festive mood, but none exceeds visiting new places especially with friends and family.

A Visit to Sentosa

You may or not have travelled to numerous destinations all over the world and had fun, but have you visited Sentosa? Sentosa is a beautiful island resort in Singapore that is among the leading destinations in the world, if not the best. Below are places you may be interested to visit in your short stay in Sentosa.

Universal Studios

It is only at Universal Studios Sentosa where you go beyond the screens and experience your favourite television series and blockbuster films. You enter the magic movie world amidst movie-themed attractions and get to enjoy the entertainment experience that gives life to your screens back at home.


KidZania Singapore is an indoor theme park where children are free to be who they want to be through real life experiences. In the kid-sized city, kids engage in different role-play activities that gravitate to their future careers and get paid in the form of KidZos. This experience not only gives them valuable life skills, but also helps them gear up for their dreams.

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom displays the beauty of mother nature. With exotic insects and uncountable butterfly species, this park is a must-visit for nature lovers. The tropical greenery, sounds and sights of an authentic rainforest are likely to keep you engaged throughout your visit.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Visit the Adventure Cove Waterpark for encounters with the amazing marine life, drifting on a river and high water slides. No better place where water bubbles with life than this.

Explore, have fun and remember to document your memories in photos or diary records, whichever way you choose.