After Cremation: What Happens Next

Cremation in BrisbaneMany people would rather cremate their deceased loved ones than go with the traditional burial. It could either be due to personal wishes of the dead or some environmental or financial factors. Whatever the reason may be, cremation is a legitimate option anyone can choose to lay their loved ones to rest.

It may seem like a simple process, but cremations in Brisbane go through several steps. Before you go through the process, you have to secure a few things first.

The Vessel

After the cremation process, you will be left with white ash you can collect. While most funeral shops offer a basic vessel to collect the ashes, you have the option of using a customised container. This is for people who wish to collect the remains and keep it at home as part of an altar or a decorative piece. You can pay extra for a different container or simply use the one provided by the shop. Most people use other vessels because they plan on taking the ashes somewhere to scatter.


You should have a final resting place for the ashes. Depending on the wishes of the deceased, you will need to follow their order and scatter their ashes where they want. If there are no indications, you may need to choose or prepare a spot to do the final step. Some may plan on burying the urn along with the ashes in their garden. Others may request to have their ashes scattered at sea. On land, however, there might be some restrictions or protocol depending on the place you choose to do this step.

Cremations make the funeral service quick and easy. It also gives you more options on where you wish to lay your deceased loved ones to rest. All you have to do is prepare everything beforehand.