Aging Population in Virginia to Rise Steadily by 2020

elderly people talking to one anotherVirginia’s population will continue to age through 2020, when the percentage of residents above 65 years old will account for almost 16%, according to data from the Virginia Public Access Project.

By 2040, one in five people would reach the retirement age. For this reason, families should consider senior home care in Richmond, where the percentage of people over 65 years old will be much higher than the state average.

Aging Population’s Impact

An aging population will naturally require more healthcare services from assisted living to elderly home care. However, the public access project highlighted the indirect effects of an older population to fundraising, legislative measures and voter turnout.

Still, the most obvious indication of the data involves efficient medical services for retirement-age residents. If your loved one has dementia, for instance, it can be disconcerting to entrust the care of your sick parent to a nursing home. Some patients also prefer to remain in their house, which is senior home care may be a better choice.

Positive Outlook

Those who have relatives that suffer from dementia are likely to experience the same. While further research is necessary to strengthen the link between the disease and genetics, a study suggested that people may lower the risk of having it through a positive outlook on life.

Keith Fargo, Alzheimer’s Association (AA) director of scientific programs and outreach, said that the study showed a correlation between people’s beliefs on aging and their risk for dementia. If you have no concerns about getting old, then your chances of avoiding dementia are 44% higher in the next four years, according to the study.


Families with aging members should now think of how to deal with the future needs of their loved ones while considering if they should improve their outlook on aging to avoid the risk of having dementia.