Air Transport Services: Life-Saving Options for Your Ailing Loved Ones

Air Transport ServicesBed-to-bed services involving air transport usually involves people with serious illness or acute injuries who need safe transfer from one location to another. When time is of the essence, air ambulance services can save the life of a young man injured while camping in the Outback. Similarly, a little girl, who requires surgery in a facility located another territory, and cannot tolerate the stresses of the road, can reach the destination in safely and comfortably.

Medical Transport Saves Lives

Australia’s land mass is huge, and medical facilities with full capabilities are usually concentrated in metropolitan areas. There is a better chance of surviving an acute and life-threatening medical condition if a patient can be brought to the best available facility in only a matter of minutes. Medically supervised transportation saves thousands of lives each year in Australia alone. Does your loved one require air transportation now or in the near future? What are the options on hand?

What Type of Service do You Need?

There are two main considerations when choosing medical air transport services — the unique needs of the patient, and the family’s budget. There is a range of aircraft and transportation options, and you should be familiar with their characteristics.

A patient who can sit upright during flight can avail of a commercial air escort — a trained medical professional who will monitor the patient during the flight in a commercial carrier. Usually, a qualified paramedic or nurse accompanies the patient. There is another option for people who cannot tolerate sitting upright. An air ambulance comes fully equipped with medical equipment and a stretcher where the patient can lay down. If the family opts for a commercial flight instead, air transport services will provide a stretcher and accompanying medical professional. The stretcher is usually located in a private space at the back of the aircraft.

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