Amazing Concepts for Your Wedding Photos

WeddingTrends in wedding photography have changed the way couples capture moments in this memorable celebration. Traditional photos, which were limited to emotionless and stiff poses, are no longer used, as grooms and brides desire shots that show romance, emotion and behind-the-scene events.

Wedding photography continues to change, as couples implement themes and pattern the celebrations with their hobbies and passion in life. This has led to amazing concepts and ideas that can be incorporated in wedding photos. Clay Jar Photography shares creative shots and amazing concepts for this important event.

Vintage Appeal

Black and white photos exude a vintage appeal that continues to retain a timeless charm. Couples prefer having their photos in this classic style to bring the mood into focus. Simple black and white photos are ideal for documenting emotional and intimate moments, like first dance or kiss. The happy tears from the bride’s face or the look in the groom’s eyes are great subjects for this type of photography.

Celebrity-Inspired Photos

This is a great concept for grooms and brides who wish to be a star for a day. Wedding is the perfect time to imitate shots from popular movie scenes or the couple’s favourite dance track. Brides and grooms can get out and act as if they are on a poster for their favourite romantic movie. This will add more interest and enjoyment in the photos.

Wet or ‘In the Rain’

This is ideal for bold couples who want to visit the beach in their wedding attire and get photographed while enjoying the water. Couples can also schedule romantic photos in the rain. Photographers note that bad weather makes good pictures and this will always work best if people embrace getting a little wet for the sake of a cool photo.

Couples can incorporate these ideas to make the wedding day even more memorable. It is necessary, however, to hire a wedding photographer and discuss their chosen concept. Wedding photos highlight the amazing memories of a wedding day, so they deserve to be photographed professionally.