Americans Choose Organic Food and Why That’s Healthy for Your Business

Fruits and Vegetables SectionMore restaurants in the United States are serving healthier food now than before that many Americans are switching from eating fast food to healthy meals; 41 percent of parents are buying more organic food today than a year ago. Even fast food giants are keeping up with the shift to nutritious meals by changing their menus.

As a restaurant owner, you can maximize this opportunity to grow your business. Using organic ingredients is one way to offer healthier meals to your diners. Suppliers of bulk organic fruits and vegetables can provide you with locally-farmed ingredients for your restaurant at a fair price.

Switching to organic is beneficial not only for your diners’ health but also for your business.

Enjoy Higher Profit from Organic Products

Although you may have to spend more money for organic ingredients compared to conventional ones, you could recoup your expenses because 65 percent of consumers are willing to pay 10 percent more for greener food. One survey shows that consumers would rather cut cost on other things to eat naturally-produced food.

Moreover, organic food also retains flavor, making it more appealing to the palate. Informed consumers know that conventional food may contain additives, pesticides, and antibiotics, among others. They’re aware that organic vegetables and fruits are cleaner, according to prevailing standards.

Serving organic food in your restaurant allows you to be creative with your menus, as well. You can change your dishes according to seasonal produce. Variety and fresh ingredients entice diners to return to restaurants.

Helping the Environment

Unlike conventional food, organic farming only uses a natural method that protects all living things. It also doesn’t use harmful chemicals that can damage the environment. With these, the produce tastes better as they retain authentic flavor.

You’re not only helping the environment if you choose organic. You contribute to local farmers, too. Using organic produce in your business, you’re assisting local communities sustain their livelihood as well as their local economy.

You don’t have to make a drastic change to your business. You can start incorporating organic meals little by little until you learn how your customers will accept it. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you figure out what works best for your restaurant.