Bad Air Day Everyday: US Cities with the Worst Air Pollution

Air PollutionNew evidence shows that more than half of the population of the U.S. is breathing dirty air. Although it may be cleaner now than in recent years, there is always going to be cities dirtier than others and lungs will always be unhealthy.

Here are some of the cities experts identified as having the highest levels of fine particulates:

Salt Lake City

Parts of Utah currently have some of the worst air quality in the country and people living in these areas are beginning to experience the ill effects. According to recent reports, the Salt Lake City area has nearly thrice the federal standard of pollution, with 73 micrograms of fine soot per cubic meter.

To avoid the dirty air’s ill health effects, residents are recommended to stay indoors, where the dust and particulates aren’t whipping up too much trouble. For cleaner air indoors, experts recommend trying out HVAC systems offered by and other similar companies in the area.

Bakersfield and Delano

Based on several measurements, Bakersfield and Delano, California residents are breathing some of the country’s dirtiest air to date. The agriculture in San Joaquin Valley is responsible for whipping up a lot of dust, pesticides, and fertilizers harmful to the respiratory system.

Because mountains surround the area, there is little wind to carry the dirty particulates away. The pollution is trapped and the residents inevitably inhale the dirt. Its neighboring city, Porterville, is struggling with the same problem.

Industrial Birmingham

Many industrial cities are buckling under the hazy air hovering above them, and such is the case in Birmingham, Alabama, and its neighboring cities, Hoover and Cullman. The city was the Steel Capital of the South decades ago, but tailpipes and power-plant smokestacks continue to spew out pollutants.

Air pollution can cause a string of illnesses, from heart attacks to cancer, to dementia and skin aging. The future may seem too hazy, but everyone is making efforts, both big and small, to clean up the air. Stay indoors if you can. Ride a bike if you can. Look after your lungs, because if you don’t, who else will?