Bath Time, Fun Time: Convenient Tubs for Older People

bathAs people age, they lose the power to do things they normally do. The body may weaken and some simple activities may become difficult or impossible to perform.

The increasing number of equipment available in the market today helps seniors meet their special needs. One great innovation that the elderly can depend on is the equipment designed to help them with their bathroom needs.

Traditional vs. portable

In traditional bath tubs, entering and exiting are when most accidents occur. Due to weakened bones and lessened energy, most elderly might not have the ability to take care of themselves while bathing.

Portable tubs are an excellent alternative. These tubs help adults who can’t independently bathe themselves. These tubs have special features that help seniors during these times.

After recovering from an injury or surgery

Older people aren’t the only ones to benefit from portable tubs. says there are portable tubs made to help the handicapped, people with disabilities, or someone recovering from an injury or surgery.

Tub size

Compared to portable tubs, permanent units can accommodate more people. Choose the right size because this will determine how comfortable your bathing will be. Find a tub that lets you move freely with some allowances for movement.

Safety Features

Most clients who purchase this kind of tub have special needs. Safety features of equipment should be properly installed and stated in the manual.

It’s important to find a unit that will be usable for years. Find something that’s durable, but not so expensive. Avoid rushing the shopping process. Choose the best unit that fits your needs. Collect information and compare them. With more options, you have more chances of finding the right tub.