Be Loving: Showing Your Caring Side

Smiling womanHumans, by nature, seek validation and care. As such, you’ve got to give love and care to receive them; it’s a give and take dynamics. But sometimes, you’ve got to give it to people who need it—your family and friends who are going through a difficult time.

When your family or friends struggle, whether it is depression or being sent to the substance abuse rehab in Salt Lake City, it is important to show that you care. Healing institution Renaissance Ranch Outpatient notes that a simple loving and caring gesture can do a lot of wonders.

Now, if you are ready to give and show some love, here are the things you ought to keep in mind.

Do not judge

The easiest way to show you care less is by judging the person. Upon hearing the qualms or troubles of the person, resist the urge to give a judging commentary. It is condescending, and it can even break them more. Instead, do your best to be understanding.


But how can you be understanding? Instead of just giving out pieces of advice, listen. A lot of times, people only listen so that they can give out advice that will make them feel smart or wise. Listen carefully and do not interrupt the person when he speaks.

When you really want to give a piece of advice, you should choose your words carefully; do not just say “It’s okay.” That is very insensitive.

Do something out of ordinary

If you want to take your actions a step further, do not just give out advice. Do something that will definitely make them happy. For one, you can treat them to their favorite restaurant. Take them somewhere. Or surprise them by simply showing up.

Showing your care to your family, friends, or significant other will help you strengthen your bond and relationship with them. Likewise, they will be by your side whenever you need the same love and validation.