Become a Better Passer with These Ideas

Basketball You may have seen the ball move from side to side and up and down when the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors play. The passing they do allows their offense to flow and find the easiest possible or highest percentage shot, whether it’s on the rim or at the corner threes. Each player on the court plays an important role, one of which is to make the easy and extra pass.

A coach at a high school basketball camp cites the following ways on how you can become a better passer for your team.

Shorten the Pass

Those cross-court and football passes may seem cool; however, these are low-percentage passes that allow the defense to react and read the play. Always choose the shorter pass to your teammates as these have a higher rate of success and keeps the offense flowing. Dribble drive or let your teammate get closer before passing.

Choose the Easy Pass

Passing between your legs or behind the back are highlight reels, but are also difficult to make and comes with a higher turnover rate. Make the easy chest or bounce pass, not only are these easier to catch, but also keeps the action going that may lead to a high-percentage shot.

Proper Spacing

Spacing is an important aspect of the game; cluttered teammates or if they are too far, making for difficult passes and poor shots. Learn to read the offense and direct your teammates about where they need to be on the floor for the offense to flow.

Avoid Jumping Before Passing

When you jump, you either have to pass or shoot, but coaches prefer the latter. When you jump, you limit your options and make it difficult to pass, you also become predictable. Doing so also increases your turnover rate.

These are only a handful of practices you can implement on the court to become a better passer. Passing is an important part of your game and allows you to become a contributor to the team.