Brighten Up Your Holidays: Different Christmas Light Trends

Christmas Light Trends in MinnesotaChristmas decorations like Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands will never be as festive as ever without the elegant display of holiday lights. Decorative lights glowing in the dark enhance your house’s exterior as well as interior display. They help create the Christmas mood and make your house look bright, gorgeous, and impressive.

Do you need holiday lighting sevices? suggests hiring experts who can assist you not only in installing your light display, but also in selecting the right decorative lights for your house.

Meanwhile, here is a list of the latest trends in holiday lights which you may consider.

C7 & C9 Bulbs

These are heavy-duty five- or 10-watt bulbs that come in frosted incandescent to retrofit LEDs. They are a great choice if you want to make a bold color statement.

Rope Lights

These versatile lights come with flexible plastic casing, so they can be easily wrapped around railings and windows. You can have them flashing, blinking, or chasing. If you don’t want cords hanging around, battery-operated lights are a good option.

Incandescent Mini-Lights

Are you on a tight budget? If so, then these lights are a perfect choice for you. They are inexpensive and cost less to operate. They come in various lengths and colors, and have a twinkling stars effect.

Animated and Synchronized Decorations

They have multifunction controllers that can synchronize patterns like color-changing spiral trees and nodding reindeers that give your yard a sense of motion. You’ll surely love to have them especially if you live with children.

Other Great Options

You may combine Christmas lights with rattan and paper lanterns or floral, star, and heart designs for a romantic decoration idea. Colorful garlands with feathers and lights are modern Christmas decorations too.

Your decorations this holiday season need not be expensive. What matters is they set you in a festive mood for the season. And of course, when the celebration is over, make sure to store them properly to preserve their life and avoid tangles.