Brighten Up Your Winter with Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningHere we are in the middle of winter, at the time of year when many people in Britain start to feel the lack of sunlight on their skin manifesting as seasonal affective disorder. The winter blues can set in, and one way to brighten up your mood is to brighten up your smile with teeth whitening.

Around the world, teeth whitening is universally the most popular of all cosmetic dentistry treatments. It does however involve bleaching agents, which can cause harm, and it is therefore important to carry out teeth whitening with professional help, rather than use an off-the-shelf kit. If you live in North London, Denchic Dental Spa safely carries out teeth whitening treatments.

The reason to use a dental professional for teeth whitening is in order to protect the mouth from the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide. When a dentist carries out a teeth whitening treatment, they take impressions of your teeth in order to make a tray that exactly fits your mouth. This not only ensures that the teeth get maximum coverage from the whitening gel, but also ensures that it will not spill out of the tray into your mouth, where it could be an irritant. This means that whitening at the dentist involves two visits. One for the dentist to take impressions for the mould, and the second one for the actual treatment.

Because the whitening is being carried out by the dentist, the bleaching gel can be more powerful than gels used at home. Before it is applied, the dentist covers your gums and lips with a special barrier to protect them. Once everything is in place, the bleaching agent in the gel is activated by an ultra-violet lamp. The process takes about an hour and results in teeth that are several shades lighter.

Many dentists also offer an at-home treatment. Your dentist will give you custom-made trays made from impressions of your gums, so you can carry out the treatment at home yourself. The gel is less powerful and you need to wear the gel-filled mould for several hours a day, or overnight, and will not see results for about two weeks.