Can You Still Save a Knocked Out Tooth?

Dental ImplantA knocked out tooth is a serious form of dental trauma. If you play a lot of contact sports or find yourself in an accident, your tooth could be completely displaced from its socket inside the jaw. When this happens, it is still possible to save the lost tooth and have it replaced by a dentist.

However, time is of the essence, as the tooth could die quickly. If this happens, the only way to replace it would be to get a dental implant in Leicester, or at the nearest practice that offers the treatment. After all, a knocked out tooth is sensitive. If you cannot use your real tooth, you may need a prosthetic one instead.

A Small Window of Opportunity

If you experience tooth loss brought about by trauma, you only have a small window of opportunity to reimplant the tooth. You will only have two hours before it begins to die. If the tooth is left out of its socket for too long, it becomes impossible to reimplant it.

There are other factors that affect how long your tooth will survive outside the mouth. The structures of the root are delicate. If your tooth fell on a hard surface, such as a tile floor or onto cement, the roots are likely to become damaged.

Keep Your Tooth Alive for Successful Reimplantation

To keep the tooth alive, pick it up only by the crown, making sure to avoid the root. It is best to immerse it in saliva or in milk to protect its delicate structures. While it is not a sure-fire way for you to save your tooth, it does increase the chances of implantation.

Some dentists in Leicester suggest that it is a good idea to put the tooth directly back into its socket, but if there is dirt or bacteria present, it could lead to infection. Leave the repositioning to your dentist instead.

Knocked out teeth may be difficult to save, but it is possible. While reimplantation is not easy, you will increase your chances of success if you act quickly.