Can’t-Miss Product Labeling Tricks

Label and PackagingTo create more sales for your products, you can design packaging that can increase awareness for your brand. You can do this by creating a connection between your products, its packaging, and your customers.

However, this kind of strategy is slowly losing its magic. A new packaging strategy is moving its way up in the battle for more profits. Added trimmings such as embossed aluminium labels, metal badges, and other brand embellishments are just some of the perfect ways to entice customers to buy your products more.

Here are some of the enhancements you can use for the packaging design of your products.

Unique Packaging Shape

Using a unique shape for your product’s packaging can make it stand out and grab your potential customer’s attention. Instead of using the usual boxed cartons, you can use other shapes that can best reflect your product. This is not limited to boxed items. DVDs, body treatment products, wines, and food products also use oddly shaped packaging to present their goods inside.

Touchable Texture

Applying texture to your packaging design provides a unique experience for your customers. They could feel your product even before they open the box, intriguing them and setting an anticipation for what’s in the box. If there is intrigue, they are enticed to buy your product even more.

Good examples of this include embossed aluminium labels, special coatings, suede paperboard material, fuzzy velvet material, and other similar textures.

Other Enhancements

You can also use plaques, bows, ribbons, refined edges, foil stamping, glitters, and more. Just make sure that your design speaks for your product as well.

A quick look at store shelves can easily confirm the rise of these brand embellishments. You’ll see packaging that truly stand out and grab everybody’s attention. Such products use graphics, words, and colour on their packaging while maintaining its function as a protective cover for the products it holds.

To create a successful packaging that can help you create more profits, you should combine the right colour scheme, attention-grabbing graphics, and good typography with brand enhancements or embellishments.