Celebrate Friendship: Gift Ideas that Your BFFs Will Love

lady wearing necklaceLife wouldn’t be as colorful, fun, and adventurous if not for your friends. Your girl friends are like your soul sisters — you may not be alike in some ways, but all your different attitudes still jive well. They are the ones who will stand by you through thick and thin – from heartaches to stressful days at work.

It’s about time to give back to your girl friends and show them how much you appreciate their friendship. Here are six gift ideas for your BFFs:

  1. Cute Eye Mask

They are comfortable to wear during sleepovers. You may choose designs that suit your friends’ personalities. You may have them in matching color or get eye masks printed with the adorable characters.

  1. Engraved Necklace

Have your girl friends wear your friendship close to their hearts with a stunning personalized name necklace from LimogesJewelry.com. You may give them a necklace with their names engraved on a pendant. This will not only serve as an accessory, but also as a symbol of your friendship.

  1. “Pamper Me” Box

The best way to bond with your girl friends while gossiping about boys and the latest fashion trends would be over vanity and makeup sessions. Give your girl friends a treat by coming up with cosmetic pamper boxes. Include a lip-gloss, nail art stickers, a bottle of nail polish, oil blotting paper, and a bottle of cologne. Expect fun, laughter, and girl secrets during your pampering sessions.

  1. Chick Flicks

Give each of your girl best friends a DVD of their favorite chick flick. Organize a movie marathon night to watch all the DVDs you gave them. You may even prepare popcorns or movie trivia games for added fun.

  1. Photo Mobile

It would be nice to have your friends display pictures of your great times together in their room. Give them a mobile photo holder with snapshots from your fun adventures. You can also write some inspiring notes about friendship on these pictures.

  1. Creative Journal

Encourage your girl friends to be creative with a journal. They may either write songs or poetry in it, or draw portraits of you and your other girl friends.

Celebrate your friendship with your girl friends by giving these interesting presents. You can be as creative as you can with your gifts. As they say, it’s the thought that counts.