Childproofing Checklist: Essential Things to Do Before Your Baby Arrives

Before the baby arrivesMommies and daddies with a baby on the way need to make sure the home is safe for a little one. For first-time parents, however, the prep that needs to be done can be overwhelming. Staying on top of all necessary preparations can be quite the challenge, making it all the more important to plan ahead. You need to make all the necessary adjustments months earlier, if possible.

Here is a brief and quick childproofing checklist to help with the task:

Securing the Parameters

Prepare for when baby will start to crawl by making sure all rooms are secure and free of safety hazards. A playpen, for example, keeps your baby from wandering off too far. Installing balustrades is also a good idea to bolster your childproofing measures. When it comes to the balustrade, Perth suppliers say all products out today use premium-grade materials, so you do not have to worry about quality.

Sharp Edges and Door Hinges

Falls and stumbles are common during the first few months of your child learning to turn over and crawl up until the time they start walking. Prevent injuries by putting corner bumpers on sharp edges and using door stops. You can rest assured your baby will not get hurt even if they fall or stumble.

Swinging Cabinet Doors

Cabinets, particularly if they are near the floor, pose a threat to your child’s safety. The swinging doors might hurt your baby, or worse, make potentially dangerous items accessible to their curious little hands. Installing safety latches and locks will do the trick.

Going Cordless

Your baby can get strangled in wires and cords, so it is always a better idea to do away with them. Using a cordless phone, for example, eliminates the possibility of your baby getting tangled.

See to it that your home is fit for welcoming a little bundle of joy. You can rest easy and know your baby is safe by following these tips on child safety.