Cocktail Classics and Cocktail Specials to Look Out for in Brisbane Cocktail Venues

Classics Cocktail Venue“Cocktails” is one of the fun words nearly everyone knows. To find the best ones, you should certainly hit up some of the best spots in town. There are a number of exciting choices that are available in Brisbane cocktail venues. They offer you excellent options to unwind and relax during a night out.

Some classic cocktails in Brisbane cocktail venues

There are plenty of coconut-based cocktails available, but Coconut cooler is a hot favourite among many. Laruche recommends this simple rum-based cocktail is composed of white rum, coconut rum, pineapple, lemon, mango and grenadine. This offers an incredibly delicious flavour to savour and is one of the leading choices at many of the top bars in the city.

There is an extensive range of wine and beers, and cocktails based on wine and beer. You can dip into some shanty, which is a beer-based cocktail that is a combination of beer and lemonade. This delicious glass of beer will refresh you thoroughly and is an excellent choice among many pub goers.

Another classic staple is a specialty and vintage rum available all over the place. There are exciting choices in rum, such as locally made molasses-based rum, which is also spiced and blended with a homemade soda, adding to its flavour. This is quite a favourite among many Brisbane cocktail venues.

Teapot gin is also an exciting choice to consider when hitting up the Brisbane cocktail venues. You might think it is rather dull, but the teapot gin is a delectable cocktail, meant to be savoured like regular tea. Served in a tea set and also Junk bar crockery all of which adds to the charm of the day.

On your next night out with friends, it would be nice to be adventurous and try these various cocktails. Keep your options open and by the end of the night, satisfy your tastebuds.