Common Approaches Used In Family Therapy

Family counsellingFamily therapy is a form of psychotherapy that aims to reduce conflict and distress by improving interaction among members of the family. This type of counselling views individual problems as systems and patterns that need to be changed as opposed to looking at difficulties as residing in an individual.

Any family therapist would consider family counseling in Westport as a ‘strengths-based treatment’. Most families seek therapy when learning to adjust with the loss of loved ones, a traumatic experience, or parent conflicts. They also choose to undergo therapy when they need help in adjusting to a new member.

Here are some of the most common approaches used in family counseling:

Bowenian Therapy

This is the ideal treatment plan for people who do not want other family members to be with them in the therapy room. It uses the concepts of differentiation and triangulation. Triangulation involves venting to a third party to reduce anxiety. For instance, a mother may choose to talk to her son about problems with her husband. In differentiation, the person learns to control emotional reactions when dealing with family members.

Structural Therapy

This focuses on re-establishing the hierarchy of a family. The parents or adult caregivers in the home are put in control, and both adults and children set proper boundaries. The role of the therapist is to help the family mature as a stronger unit and outgrow restraining growth patterns.

Strategic Therapy

This therapy is ideal for families looking for results within a short period. Coalitions, hierarchies, and communication systems are evaluated. The therapist assigns homework to the family members who are expected to change these systems. The therapist takes over the power of the most dominant family member to change patterns of communication among family members.

Meanwhile, systemic therapy concentrates on unconscious communication and behavior of the family members. The therapist takes an unbiased role, and the members delve into their issues as a family.

Family therapy evaluates and resolves family problems and helps substitute dysfunctional actions with healthy options. If you think you need this type of treatment, look for an experienced family therapist right away.