Coping with Grief: The Stages of Mourning and how Grief Support Can Help

Supporting A Grieving Patient

Grief unfolds in different ways for people. Even so, most people go through physical and psychological turmoil regardless of whether the cause of their grief is the passing of a loved one or the knowledge that someone they love is suffering from a life-limiting illness.

Either way, mourning is a universal and normal experience. Below is a summary of the stages involved during this experience and how joining grief support homes Indiana could be helpful.

Identifying the Loss

This is the first stage and individuals will acknowledge death or admit that it is knocking on the door. It is the most challenging part and some people often go into denial. They either lock out the thought or hope that their reality is nothing but a dream. It is common for grievers to hide from facts, especially when dealing with a terminally-ill loved one.


Once the initial wave of pain has sunk in and an individual is no longer in denial, he or she is likely to react to the situation. The reaction may come in the form of shock, anger, helplessness, or regret. There is no proper way of grieving and the process involved is a very personal one. Some patients even get dumbfounded and depressed.


Once a patient has accepted the loss and has reacted to it, he or she may now focus on the memories of a loved one. This phase helps the mind recover, and some patients create a false psychological world where their loved one exists and is healthy. Through grief support, patients are trained to cope with reality and keep the memories of their loved ones alive in their hearts without developing serious psychological problems.

It is hard for even professionals to prevent a patient from grieving. What the experts do is that they assist with acceptance. This is the final stage, and unfortunately, not all people can afford to accept and move on without some level of assistance. Reliable specialists may not make grieving easier, though they could help in ensuring ultimate recovery.