Cosmetic Dentistry: Ways to Get a Better Smile

Cosmetic DentistryThanks to cosmetic dentistry, British celebrities are not afraid to show their teeth. Because of the  influence of British stars, people flock to cosmetic dentists in Harley Street and other locations in London.

Take Pride in Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is the dental practice of improving the aesthetics or the look of a person’s smile. There are different procedures that bring out the beautiful look of your teeth. Here is a closer look at the popular choices:

  • Whitening – Yellow or black teeth may be caused by a number of factors such as the food you eat, or whether you smoke or not. Ageing and genetics also cause teeth discolouration. Whitening procedures work to give you pearly white teeth.
  • Veneers – These thin slices of porcelain fix overcrowding, fix chipped teeth or fill in the gaps between them. The veneers are added onto each tooth to add dimension to them.
  • Straightening – People with crowded mouths or crooked teeth may have their teeth straightened either through orthodontics or a cosmetic technique.
  • Crowns and Caps – Do you have broken teeth? Have metal or porcelain crowns, or caps cemented individually onto your broken teeth. These tooth additions are permanent fixtures.
  • Bridges – For missing teeth or gaps between teeth, you may have bridges installed on either side of the gap. Made from three crowns, these bridges mimic the missing tooth or fill the gap.
  • Fillings – Fillings are similar to veneers. Also cemented onto your teeth, these fill in smaller gaps or restore chipped teeth. Harley Street cosmetic dentists recommend tooth-coloured fillings as a replacement for metal-coloured fillings.

You may have your beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry. Talk to your dentist about the procedures that work best for your case.