Dental impressions made easy with Invisalign Itero in London

Woman fitting invisalignFor many years, dental impressions were made using dental putty, a messy material that had to be mixed in a bowl and jammed up hard around the teeth. It sometimes took several goes to get a good impression and they were often less than accurate. Luckily, with the introduction of Invisalign Itero in dentistry, putty impressions are a thing of the past.

Invisalign Itero in London can take highly accurate, digital impressions of the teeth without causing any discomfort to the patient. More importantly, dentists like Graham Tinkler use the Itero technology to create detailed, custom-made, treatment plans for patients who wish to align their teeth with Invisalign aligners.

How does it work?

Invisalign Itero is a small, hand-held scanner that can be moved around the mouth easily. The device works with the help of a radiation-free laser. Once inserted into the mouth, it can take a digitally-accurate picture of the interior of the mouth, teeth and soft tissue in a few minutes. The images are then processed with the help of digital software. This way the dentist can forward them to Invisalign for the creation of the aligners. Moreover, these images are useful for predicting the movement of the teeth from the beginning of the treatment to the end.

Invisalign Itero is ne of the most fascinating innovations in dentistry. This device is capable of mapping the mouth in a comfortable, accurate and reliable way. Digital impressions are accessible to the patient almost immediately, improving communication between the dentist and the patient considerably.

Benefits of Itero technology

Invisalign Itero in London has many advantages compared to regular impressions. Goopy impressions are often messy and less accurate; moreover, they can trigger a gag reflex in some patients, which can be quite uncomfortable and unsettling. The Itero technology allows a more accurate depiction of the interior of the mouth and eliminates the need for messy materials. Additionally, since the impressions do not need to be posted to the Invisalign lab, full treatment plans can be created in less time. Last but not least, the Itero scanner is very precise and patients are not required to revisit the dentist for additional impressions.