Desirable Qualities of a Great Dentist

Professional Dentist at Dental OfficeDentistry is a challenging profession since dentists have to manage both their patients and their businesses at the same time. Given this multi-tasking job, finding a reliable dentist — such as Smileworks Dental in Meridian — for instance, is however not that difficult.

You only have to look for certain qualities.

Friendly and personable

The most successful dentists are very good at establishing rapport quickly. A friendly and personable dentist is a likeable attribute. Often, you will meet pleasant ones, just right enough to ease the worry of having to undergo an oral procedure. They talk to their patients, making them feel more comfortable.

Patient and calm

Patience and calmness are key as well. Patients include children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and rude people as well. The dentist must maintain composure and understanding.

Scheduling should also be well-structured, avoiding instances when many patients are scheduled within a few hours that the dentist can no longer interact successfully.

Precise and detail-oriented

Dental care requires routine oral care that focuses on all aspects of the teeth and mouth’s overall health, from surgery to orthodontics, to periodontics.

Any misalignment during surgery or a wrong diagnosis will greatly impact the patient’s tooth and mouth health. Being precise and detail-oriented are things learned in school, but only at work can one perfect them.


Dentists use tools that are sharp. For a patient, a trustworthy dentist erases the worry of getting hurt by a sharp object. Patients should put all their trust in the dentist, that the dentist will do everything to make them feel safe, doing all necessary precautions to avoid any form of pain.

A dentist who is passionate and caring goes beyond the importance of having a lucrative career. They value patients as well as their objectives for seeking for their service. This usually transcends to the community as a dentist may offer free services in outreach projects and special community programs.