Destination, Israel: Holy Places You Must Visit

Holy Places You Must VisitMany people say that Israel is the hub of all things religious. After all, it has the distinction of being the breeding ground of some of the world’s most illustrious religious sites. From massive heritage monuments to centuries old of indestructible structures and city walls, the country is a sanctuary for religious travelers and heritage sites explorers.

If you’re going on an LDS holy land tour, suggests visiting the following places:

Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)

Built above a revered stone, the Dome of Rock is mythically believed to be the destination from where Prophet Muhammad began his heaven bound journey. Legend also has it that this was the site where Abraham arranged for Isaac’s sacrifice. Today, the monument offers a breathtaking visual impact due to its striking arches, mosaic adored exteriors, and enigmatic inscriptions. The monument creates a beautiful silhouette at sundown, when it is visible from all corners of the city in the backdrop of the tangerine sky.

The Western Wall (Jerusalem)

The Western Wall is one of the most majestic structures of Jerusalem that once held the 1,555,000 square feet plaza, which housed the erstwhile Temple of Jerusalem. At present, it is the only remnant of the city’s ancient Jewish templesThe Western Wall, characterized by impeccably carved stone walls and an unflinching spiritual aura, is a must-visit on every religious traveler’s map.  

Church Of Nativity Bethlehem

The Church of Nativity is one of the most significant holy places for Christians, as it’s believed to be the birth place of Jesus Christ. In addition, it is one of the most ancient places of Christian worship in the world. Whether it’s the aesthetically appeasing wall mosaics, the exquisite columns or the old worldly Grotto entrance bronze gates, there’s plenty to see here. Look out for the Silver Star on the church floor, which is believed to be the exact spot of Christ’s birth.

Israel offers a multitude of experiences for the religious traveler. Whether you’re planning to do your itinerary alone or book the services of an expert full-service travel agency, you can make the most of your holy land tours.