Are Dildos Better Than Men

coupleThe day women become sexually satisfied only with a dildo on hand is a nightmare for men. This sense of female independence could render every phallus an obsolete carnal tool. While the thought is truly fearsome, be thankful that it’s only the premise of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, “Beautiful You”.

In this fictional world, husbands are quickly abandoned by their wives in the company of their revolutionary pleasure product. No more sex, no more fellatio, not even a kiss or a salacious phone call; all that’s left for every poor male soul is his business hand with all of its inherent limitations. From a guy’s perspective, the very thought of this twisted story makes the zombie apocalypse a better tomorrow.

But is this even possible? Will girls really trade their men for a battery-operated plastic someday? Well, it’s true that women find pleasure from using sex toys, but will it suffice to lose their longing for a warm body? Probably not.

Machines Know Nothing about Making Love

Sure, dildos and vibes offer back-bending euphoria, but there’s nothing more to that. Orgasms are never just about penetrations. The female genetic makeup has plenty of erogenous zones; no sex toy can explore and conquer them all. This fact puts men at the advantage. These pleasure products are only designed to enter holes and quiver to arouse the clitoris. You have a pair of hands, with ten fingers all in all, and a tongue to tantalize the female sensitive spots. At the end of the day, even the most sophisticated vibrator is no match to your own anatomy.

Their Hardness Holds No Meaning

Sex toys are hard and erect, to some extent, all of the time, and that limits the sexual experience. Conversely, your hard-on tells a woman that she’s turning you on, which creates the same effect on her. It signals your partner that she’s doing the right things to pleasure you, which is healthy for her ego. A boner gives her a pat on the back for a job well done.

Sex Toys Are All the Same

Pleasure products come in many forms, but, they’re pretty much alike in general. A fancy sex toy may have features to do new tricks, but nothing you can’t equate or surpass. You can grab the Kama Sutra or ask her about the things she likes in bed, or read her facial expression and body language to see what moves work.

Ultimately, women prefer flesh and blood over any plastic device; the same way you won’t exchange fleshlight for her warm body. She needs a sentient partner whom to share the night, not an unemotional sex tool. Fear no more.