Do Away With Double Chins: 3 Questions Commonly Asked About Kybella

Woman With Double ChinWhether its age or genetics, double chins can be an aesthetic curse that some women feel they cannot reverse easily with diet and exercise. A nip-tuck has been one of the common answers to dealing with double chins, but the introduction of a new procedure—the Kybella injection— has seen some good improvements over time.

Here are some common questions asked about this new double chin treatment:

What is a Kybella injection?

This is a type of man-made acid that mimics the substance in the body that absorbs fat. Upon injection, it will destroy fat cells in the injected area. Despite being an FDA-approved treatment, Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa noted that if not injected properly, Kybella injection might do harm than good. Undergo this treatment only under the hands of a professional.

What happens with Kybella injections?

According to Glamour, the Kybella injection process is technically a single type of solution. Administering the injection may have different effects on people, though. Patients will most likely feel sore because the fat will slowly melt away. During recovery, the added collagen from the treatment will tighten the skin to avoid sagginess.

Are you a good candidate?

Patients who are eligible for this procedure are those who have good skin quality and have a distinguished appearance of fat under the chin. Harper’s Bazaar reported that following clinical trials for the Kybella injection, different types of individuals have tried the procedure, from those who only have mild submental fat to those who are considered obese.

It appears that the best candidates are those who have moderate fat. This is because the number of injections is moderate. When comparing the number of injections, those who were considered as obese had to get six sessions of injections, but did not show obvious improvement. Those in the moderate category only had to take three injections and saw drastic improvements.

The Kybella injection is still a pretty novel treatment, but trials showed that there is an improvement in patients, which could make it one of the better treatments for double chins.