Drink and Eat Well: Pairing Your Food and Beverage

DrinksWhile a number of people believe that you should simply eat and drink as you like, it is also important to know which kind of food and drink complement each other well. Knowing how to match what you eat and drink will actually enhance your dining experience. After all, every time you cook something, don’t you think about how you season it? A little dash of salt, an extra spoonful of pepper, perhaps? This is actually the same concept that you apply when you think about pairing food and drinks. Merchants Wine Cellar shares more information below:

Contrast and Mirror

Pairing food and drinks center on the concept of contrasting and mirroring. Take your main dish and think about the flavours and tastes that would complement and provide a contrast. Having a spicy bowl of chilli? Why not have a lime-based drink to pair it off with? Having sushi? A light beer will definitely complement its delicate taste.

Think About Impact

Food and drinks both have an impact. A big juicy steak or a full-bodied glass of red wine have a pretty strong impact. Think of impact in terms of how it tastes.

One of the major factors that affect impact is its alcohol content. Delicate food, such as oysters, need a drink with a lower alcohol content like Chablis. If you are new to drinking wine, you might feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices that a wine company offers. If you’re unsure, keep in mind that white wine tends to be lighter than red. Also, don’t hesitate to ask to ask for advice!

Acidity, Bitterness, and Sweetness

Tartness or sourness can cut through the richness of your food, such as in foie gras. Another thing that pairs well with rich foods is something bitter. This is why coffee and tea are often paired with rich and decadent desserts like cakes and cookies.

For spicy food, something sweet will help balance it. Sweetness can enhance the aroma of the spices in the dish and counter the heat.