Drink in Focus: Making the Perfect Iced Tea

Ice TeaIced tea is a common drink you can find in almost all restaurants. It’s a staple drink that people of all ages enjoy. To some, preparing iced tea on a hot summer day might be boring. After all, why not just go to the nearest restaurant and buy a professionally made version of the drink?

Make the usual drink special when you prepare it at home. Here is how you can serve the perfect blend.

Use loose tea leaves

Avoid using powdered or concentrated mixes. They are filled with sugar that may be bad for you. Use actual tea leaves when brewing your iced tea so you can control the sweetening content. You may use brown sugar or honey to achieve that level of sweetness you want. Avoid using tea bags. Brewing loose tea leaves allows the full release of flavour into the mix.

Add flavouring

What makes brewing your own iced tea at home better is the freedom to add new flavours. Slice up fresh fruits and add them to the brew when it cools. You have several types to choose from, such as oranges, lemon, strawberries or pineapple. Each fruit brings a new flavour into your usual drink. Be creative and adventurous, and try different mixes.

Serve chilled

Iced tea will not earn its name without its important ingredient. Use your Ice-O-Matic to get the ice and fill your pitcher with them. Better yet, mix your ice and brewed tea in a blender and make a smooth, icy drink.

Top your drink with mint leaves to add an exciting and refreshing flavour. It’s all about the presentation, so use your best glasses when serving. Mason jars keep the drink cool for longer and make for better photos.