Exploring the Fun in Yoga

YogaYoga relieves stress from daily activities, but practicing it in the same spot four days a week, four weeks a month, for every month of the year generates its own stress. Without allowing yourself to explore yoga in all its glory, you’re limiting the health benefits it has to share.

Re-energize your yoga by incorporating one or –better yet—all three of these ideas from AntiGravity Fitness into your practice.

Soar with Anti Gravity Yoga

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an experienced yoga practitioner in order to enjoy anti gravity yoga. This kind of yoga class usually starts with an assessment of the students’ physical abilities and their level of comfort while lying on a hammock.

In searching for an AG yoga studio to join, prioritize those that have already established a reputation and list of instructors that have had anti-gravity yoga teacher training. Fitness shouldn’t be taken lightly and, given that you want to achieve it while hanging from silk cloths, so is your safety.

Inspire by Blogging

Taking pictures and keeping a journal promotes a better awareness of your body’s appearance, especially in executing complex poses. Apart from identifying your mistakes and achievements, they serve as mementos for every physical milestone you take.

Creating a yoga blog to serve as a platform for these thoughts, ideas, and progress enables you connect with other practitioners and, possibly, inspire others to be fit. Don’t worry about posting selfies – media psychologists said this is nothing more but a form of self-exploration. If you should be absorbed by something, let it be by your health and not your public image.

Refresh by Travelling

Many first learn to maximize yoga and travel usually through retreats. If you’re feeling more adventurous, however, you may opt to go backpacking on your own to places like Maldives, where you’ll find resorts with the best spots for doing an upward dog.

Why not target a UNESCO heritage site like Wengen for a breath of fresh air like no other? And while on a trip to India, consider taking your yoga meditation to another level of solemnity. Andalusia and Bali, too, possess ambiances and sceneries you’ll want to bask in.

Incorporating fun into your yoga practice creates memorable experiences you’ll want to relive many times. Don’t let your toes during an upward split be the only ones aiming for the sky – allow your imagination to reach high, too.