Factors to Consider when Getting Braces

BracesTeeth have various functions, from aiding us in speaking to chewing food when eating. If the teeth are not in their healthiest state, other bodily functions will be affected. Troubles in speaking or jaw pains can be associated with misaligned teeth. These issues can be corrected by getting braces from North London dental clinics.

Factors to consider

Contrary to what most people think, there are no age restrictions in getting braces. The procedure is not solely done on kids and teens alone. In fact, more and more adults get braces to correct their teeth issues. Instead of age, gums and teeth health are factors considered when getting braces. The rule of thumb is, as long as your gums are healthy, you can have braces.

Your 'bite' matters just as well. The dentist evaluates the state of your bite to determine the right braces for you. They take into consideration if your teeth are straight or crowding. The gaps between your teeth are also considered.


There are several types of braces. It is important to have a consultation with your dentist to find out what type of braces will suit you. You need to inform your dentist about your health conditions such as allergies. Take note that some of the braces have materials that include nickel and latex which can cause irritation if patients are allergic to them. To avoid this situation, it is best to disclose health-related conditions to your dentist.

It is best to have the braces installed immediately so any problem with the teeth is corrected as soon as possible. Ensure that you go back to your dentist for adjustments on a regular basis. Before long, you will have those straight teeth that will give you a bright and perfect smile.