Four Interesting Bits of Info on Dental Implants

Dental ImplantDental implants are becoming a more popular alternative to traditional tooth loss solutions such as dentures and bridges. This innovative dental appliance looks and feels like natural teeth and gives better comfort. With implants, it’s a lot easier to eat and speak, than with ill-fitting dentures.

Here are some interesting bits of information about dental implants’ growing popularity, benefits, industry update and procedure.

It is out to conquer UK

Dental implant is rapidly becoming a popular dental treatment in and out of the UK. A study conducted by Kings College London reveals Europe is the fastest growing market for this dental solution. Back in 2012, more than 10,000 lower mandible dental implant surgeries were carried out in the UK alone. Experts see this figure to increase three times in the succeeding five years.

It helps improve bone structure

Implants are fitted to your jawbone to serve as functional and natural-looking tooth replacement. Its benefits, however, go beyond that. Dental implants help preserve and improve the structure of your bone. According to the specialists from, implants may help stimulate growth in the bone region, thus, preventing bone loss.

Nonmetallic implant may be available soon

Researchers are looking for possible nonmetallic substances to replace titanium in dental implantation. Zirconia is one of the prospects. While it is made from zirconium oxide and is basically a metal, the zirconia form used for implants has properties similar to that of ceramic. Its functional properties are almost similar to titanium, but it’s favoured for its natural white colour that mimic natural tooth root.

You can choose from the various sedation procedures

Anxious patients can be more comfortable by choosing an ideal sedation procedure. They can choose from relative analgesia (combination or nitrous oxide and oxygen), oral sedative or conscious sedation, which is delivered through a vein.

Learn more about implants by consulting with a certified dental specialist. Check if you are a good candidate to receive implants so you can get the benefits of natural-looking artificial teeth.