Freediving: Pushing the Limits of Mind and Body

Freediving in AucklandFreediving is a sport involving going hundreds of feet underwater with a single breath. It attracts thousands of divers worldwide, revealing how human capabilities can be pushed further.

Without snorkels, or other breathing apparatus, freedivers go deep down the sea without disturbing the serene environment. No tanks, bubbles and noise, they dive to more than 300 feet on a single breath.

The Mind Game of the Extreme Sport

An article says that breathing and the mind are interlinked. Training the mind is an integral part of freediving; meditation builds trust in the body and supreme focus. Meditation trains the mind to prepare the body for the challenge.

With the mind focused and the body relaxed, divers can slow the heartbeat and regulate blood pressure. It can also reduce brain activity and calm the neural system. Diving Academy Ltd says that freediving’s philosophy is for enjoyment and relaxation. It promotes a health and fitness-based lifestyle and amazing experience in the underwater world.

The Stretch in Human Physiology

According to a CBS news article, scientists now know that humans are closer to dolphins. Just like aquatic mammals, when humans go into cold water, the body slows down its pulse, and shifts the blood from the extremities to the heart and brain. This makes the spleen contract and release oxygen-rich blood into the arteries.

As they dive, the pressure of the weight of water increases around them. Freedivers’ key to success in diving deeper comes with their ability to equalize the pressure underwater and not let their eardrums burst.

In every dive, the explorers of the deep try different things to evolve and become aware of their body’s reactions. They prepare their bodies through training and protect it with the proper suit. During the underwater exploration, they also find new things about their body, stretching its normal capabilities.

In any other sport, adrenaline is a great thing. But with this extreme activity, tension, anxiety and stimulation are overridden by the mind and body’s serenity in a deeper level.