From Thin to Thick: What Changes Your Hair Will Bring

Thick Hair ProblemsHair is not the same for every woman. Depending on your genetic makeup, you may end up with soft, fine strands or the coarse and thick kind. Sometimes, the hair you have is not what you want and it feels like you can do nothing about it. It can cause you to be envious of other women who you think have it easy.

Both types of hair have their own pros and cons. What you may seek to have can be a problem to those who have it. It is understandable to want thick hair when you have the fine type. That said, Hairy Bastard suggests that before you try any hair thickener product, though, you should know what issues women with naturally thick hair go through.

Using Hair Grooming Tools

When you have fine hair, brushing may not seem like a problem for you. Sometimes, going through it with your hands is enough to fix tangles and keep them straight. Thick hair, on the other hand, can be tough and difficult to form using your brush. It already has enough volume to shape the look of your hair so you have to be careful when drying it out. It might stay in the same place if it dries in that position. While blow-drying can be difficult for thin-haired girls, thick hair may find it handy.


With thin hair, you might have no problems with haircut and your only concern is the length. With thick hair, you have to get the right cut or it would either look too big or too well done on your head. You do not want to look at both extremes and capture just the right cut for your mane. Your hairdresser has to consider the volume of your hair while dry so it would look right.

Whatever type of hair you want, know that you have to work around the problems each of them bring.