Fun Workout Routines for Groups

GymElevate your fitness routine in a fun and energetic group setting. You can create your own small group with friends, family, co-workers or you can join an existing group. A group personal training helps a personal trainer to work with more people at once. This has provided a cost-effective way for customers to experience the benefits of working with a fitness professional, a scarcity during the economic turbulence.

The current trend is to have large boot camps with instructors. A fitness boot camp is a popular group training program conducted by personal trainers. This approach allows gyms such as Renouf to provide full-body strength and conditioning workout exercises.

Here are three different types of fitness routine you can do with your group:

Deep Body Weight Squats

Position your arms held out in front of your body then stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then lower your body, pushing your posterior out while keeping your knees behind your toes and swinging your arms back. After doing so, bring the arms back to the starting position and repeat. Complete this routine 10-15 times.

Spiderman Steps

One of the many superhero workouts, get in the push up position then place your right foot two inches from your right hand driving your hips forward. After completing this, return to push up position and repeat on the other side.  Remember to alternate every 30 seconds.

Walking Lunges (with Twist)

Keep your front knee over or just behind your toes by stepping forward using a long stride. Then, lower your body into a lunging position by lowering your back knee toward the ground. After doing this push forward, take a giant step then repeat for the opposite leg. You can even make this motion even more effective by twisting and looking back towards the leg behind you once you are in the lunging position.


People working out together and finish together in pursuit of achieving individual goals is the most fun way to get fit. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts in achieving great results.