Garage Overhead Door 101: 4 Things DIY Enthusiasts Should Note

overhead doorThe overhead-type doors are the go-to choice for many homeowners when it comes to garage doors. They are convenient to use; they also provide security and safety for your garage space. Plus, with frequent maintenance, you can keep your overhead doors in good condition longer.

Even a non-pro like yourself can fix home issues such as doors that do not close properly. Remember, however, that there are problems like a faulty circuit board that should be left to much more experienced hands. For those problems that you can handle on your own, here are some things you should take note of:

Unplug the automatic opener

Just to be on the safe side, make sure to unplug the automatic opener of the door. Doing so prevents the door from accidentally activating while you are working on it. Broken garage doors can become safety hazards, especially for children. You do not want the door to drop down suddenly while you are under it or even a few steps from it.

Check the remotes and keypad

Top overhead door service specialists say a door that does not close is a common problem for many, as different elements can enter your garage. There are various possible reasons for this. One is that your remotes and keypad may need fresh batteries. Try to replace the old ones. If your door still does not budge, let professional repairmen do the job.

Do a visual inspection

Before you lay your hands on your broken garage door, do a visual inspection. Check your door’s hardware like the roller track and rollers. Then, look for any object that may block them. Always consult experienced garage door specialists if you are planning to replace these parts.

Test the balance

If you cannot see any problem with your garage door, but you still want to be sure, do a balance test. Let the door close and release the door opener mechanism. Lift the door slowly. If it is too difficult to lift it or drops down as soon as you remove your hand, it is time to call repair professionals.

With frequent maintenance, you can keep your overhead door performing in perfect condition. Just don’t force yourself to fix it if it has major issues.