Get Rejuvenated with These Halloween-Themed Spa Treatments

Halloween-Themed Spa Treatments in TaurangaWhen you hear the words ‘Halloween’, relaxing at the spa is definitely not the first thing that will pop up in your head. This does not mean, however, that you can’t trick yourself into getting a treat this Halloween. From mummy masks to vampire facials (hello, Twilight fans!), Black Champagne Salon & Spa shares some spa treatments that will make you look more boo-tiful.

The Muddy Pumpkin Wrap

Halloween is the right time to bring your dehydrated, dry skin back to life. Head-to-toe exfoliation with a muddy pumpkin scrub rich in nutrients is the first step in this down and dirty, full-body treatment. While your skin luxuriates, the spa therapist will give you a relaxing foot and scalp massage. Afterwards, you take a lukewarm bath to remove the scrub. To top things off, the therapist will apply hydrating oils that smell like cinnamon. When you leave, your skin will absolutely be radiant.

The Mummy Mask

Whether you are a working mummy taking care of the kids or just someone looking to relax and unwind this Halloween, this treatment should give you what you want. The spa therapist will use an organic cleanser to thoroughly rinse the pores of the skin and apply a creamy, thick mixture consisting of rice starch, pearl powder, clay, ginseng powder and sodium alginate after. Your face will not only look livelier, but your skin will be visibly smoother, brighter and more moisturised.

The Vampire Facial

While the spooky name of this rejuvenating procedure might make your blood run cold, the outcome will have you wanting more. The procedure works by drawing a small amount of blood on your arm. A complex machine will separate the blood platelets from the other cells. Your spa therapists will then inject the resulting fluid into your skin tissues, resulting in the decrease of wrinkles and fine lines. Just imagine that this is natural dermal filler.

Don’t miss these spa treatments this Halloween. By the way, if you are going for the vampire treatment, do not scare your friends to death by sending selfies mid-treatment.