Getting to Know the Different Types of Dental Crowns

a close-up look at dental crownsA crown or a dental cap is an orthodontic tool cemented onto a person’s teeth. You will need a special kind of dentist to install the crown. Crowns cover damaged teeth, but more than its aesthetic purpose, it can also help strengthen teeth as well.

Choosing the Dental Crown That Works for You

Orthodontists, including those from Smile Designs Dentistry, first make impressions of the affected tooth or teeth to determine its size. This ensures that the crowns will fit snugly on the affected teeth. Some dentists also place temporary crowns to protect the teeth from further damage while waiting for the customized permanent ones.

There are several kinds of dental crowns to choose from. The most popular ceramic crowns. These are common in procedures aimed to restore front teeth. Many patients prefer this because it is easy to match with the natural color of your teeth.

Porcelain crowns are normally fused with metal. They create a stronger and longer-lasting bond than pure porcelain dental crowns.

There are also crowns which also comprise gold alloys. This type is more expensive because manufacturers mix gold with copper as well as other materials to create a crown that doesn’t wear away the actual tooth and adheres almost permanently.

Made of base metal alloys, the last kind of crown is the preferred option when there are very little natural teeth left to adhere to.

Dental crowns are important in improving the appearance of a person’s teeth. It takes shape and form of the original teeth. This can dramatically boost a person’s confidence and give them a perfect smile.

Ask your dentist today about dental crowns and other possible treatments for you.