Giving Guns for Christmas

Gift for Christmas in UtahThe holidays are just a few months away and people are already racking their brains about the presents they’re going to give their friends and acquaintances.  The task is more difficult than most people give it credit for, as it asks what adults can give each other that’s unique, useful, and can’t be re-gifted. Why not give them a gun?

Holiday Handguns

Hunters, collectors, and enthusiasts are very passionate about their firearms, and it’s only natural for them to want to share their hobbies with friends who have the same interests. This will raise a few eyebrows, because of the obvious fact that guns aren’t things that most people would feel comfortable finding under the Christmas tree.

Before anything else, it’s legal to give guns as presents as long as the giver ensures that both they and the receiver satisfy the serious ethical and legal obligations that come with owning a firearm. Gun trust lawyers from often get questions about the kinds of things that gift givers should watch out for so that they don’t get in trouble later on.

Answering these questions can be trickier than most people realize, especially considering that there are more than 20,000 gun laws in the books. The provisions vary from state to state, and the current status of gun regulation issues in the country isn’t making any of those answers easy to reach. Some states, like California and New York for example, require givers to transfer the firearm through local dealers so they can facilitate a background check on the receiver.

Rifle Responsibility

The responsibility of ensuring that the recipient has the full capacity of responsibly owning a firearm lies solely with the giver. It’s a federal felony to give a gun to someone whom the giver has any reason to believe is incapable of handling the burden of owning a firearm.

One way to go about this process legally and safely is to give the receiver a gift card instead of the firearm itself. This way, the receiver can choose the firearm they want, and it leaves no question as to the identity of the actual buyer – a question buyers need to certify on Federal Form 4473.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with giving firearms to family and friends as a gift, just as long as the process is done legally and safely.