Going Skydiving? Know What Will Happen to Your Body

SkydivingHave you ever wondered what would happen to your body when you go skydiving? Imagine you’re patiently sitting in the open door of the airplane, waiting for the right time to jump. You then decided to look down to appreciate the beauty of the blue sea, the creamy sand and the lush trees. But you immediately thought of the horror of passing out on your first freefall.

Have no worry, as you’re not alone. Several reports revealed that those who have done skydiving find it difficult to describe what they felt. During their first skydive, they can’t explain clearly whether they feel scared, eager, happy, nervous or all of it.

As this is your first time to try tandem skydiving, you need to arm yourself with information. Industry professional, SouthernSkydivers.com.au explains what exactly happens to the body when someone is about to jump off a sky-high platform.

The Emotional and Physiological Effects

Skydiving, without a doubt, is one of the most thrilling type of sports. No wonder most first-timers feel terrified. When you jump from a high place, your body realises the threat of a fall and your brain reacts right away. This is the reason you will feel a boost of energy, mainly speed and strength.

If you will try tandem skydiving, you may experience sweating, tension, shaking, perspiration, body heat, tunnel vision, tight muscles, a decrease in hearing and some butterflies in your stomach. As a matter of fact, the activity will not only sharpen your senses, but also increase your blood pressure and heart rate. It’s normal to feel excited, optimistic, worried and uncomfortable at the same time.

The Fear Response

Free falling triggers fear, which is a primal instinct. But it can help you survive scary situations, such as being attacked by a criminal in the street or by a bear in a forest. Whether a first-timer or an experienced jumper, previous studies show that all that go skydiving experience the same level of stress before jumping.

Despite the fear response, skydiving is amazing. It may even encourage you to challenge yourself more. Though some people prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, free falling has many great benefits.