Golden Health in the Golden Years: The Value of Recreational Activities

Old CoupleFor many people who are already past their retirement, it can be difficult to stay fit and healthy. This isn’t an impossible thing to do, though; there are many ways to keep yourself in shape and stay active even in your golden years.

Gladstone Seniors Residence says one of the best ways to do this is by taking part in recreational activities. It could be as simple as playing board games or as engaging as yoga practices; whatever the activity is, anything that gets you active and engages both your body and mind will significantly benefit your health.

Physically and Mentally Active

Although aging limits how much time you can spend doing recreational activities, this shouldn’t stop you from actually participating in them. Think about what your favorite hobbies are and start doing them in your spare time.

If you were a bit of a gardener back when you were younger, now is a good time to relive that pastime. This is a good way to stretch those old and tired bones and keep them strong, and your body will also benefit from the fresh air. Going on regular walks makes for a good exercise; it also strengthens not only your muscles, but also your stamina.

Don’t forget to work the muscles in your brain! Instead of bingo, playing board games like scrabble and other trivia games are good ways to keep your mind sharp and active.

Improving Health

These recreational activities do more than just keep you moving and active. These can also help prevent more serious health concerns that may plague you in your advanced age. Walking and doing garden work may not seem much, but they do strengthen the muscles in your stomach, hips, and thighs, which relieves and prevents chronic back pain. Activities that challenge your brain also improve memory, which is crucial as it is one of the things that we gradually lose as we get older.

These are just a few of the many benefits of participating in recreational activities in old age. Ultimately, the most important benefit these give you is a sense of purpose and a more positive outlook as you get older.