Good Teeth: The Unexpected Secret to Scoring a Date

White TeethStraight, white teeth are not just pleasant to look at — they could also be that one factor that can make or break a potential date. This doesn’t only stand as an unspoken agreement in the dating world; survey and science back it up.

Scott W. Grant, DMD, a cosmetic dentist in Meridian, helps achieve a smile that people can be proud of. That’s exactly what you need when going out on a date.

The Allure of Pearly Whites

A survey commissioned by a dating site shows that 60% of men and 71% of women considered good teeth as the most important asset when looking for potential dates. It’s not surprising to see why: looks play a huge role in making a good, lasting impression.

Without prior knowledge about your date, you’re going to form all judgments based on what you see. Based on the survey, good teeth are an indicator of good hygiene. One of the researchers in the survey team said teeth tell so much about how much you drink, smoke, or what you eat.

From an evolutionary perspective, it’s always been the healthy and fit that has greater chances of finding a mate. So, if you can show that off by flashing your pearly whites, then, by all means, do it.

Straight, White Teeth

The question stands: how exactly do people get that Hollywood smile? For one, dentists perform a series of treatments, depending on one’s health, ranging from adjusting crooked teeth to whitening.

One of the common treatments is wearing braces or orthodontic appliances. You’re probably thinking of those metal braces high school students wear. Dentistry has gone a long way because today, you can have crooked teeth fixed without the unsightly metal braces. Invisalign is a transparent form of dental braces, which, in effect, is invisible.

For those struggling with yellow teeth, apart from whitening treatments, dental bondings and veneers can solve the problem. Both of these treatments conceal discolored teeth to make for a white, bright smile.

Good teeth aren’t just important for your health — it might just be what you need to score a date. So, practice good oral hygiene and don’t neglect regular visits to the dentist.