How About Taking Your Nursing Career in a Different Direction?

NurseRegistered nurses gain outstanding abilities and skills from all the clinical education and training they received. From leadership abilities to technology skills, and healthcare experiences to critical thinking skills, a registered nurse is truly well-abled to transition to a variety of other interesting and challenging careers beyond the clinical setting.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Recent reports reveal that America receives about 15,000 medical lawsuits each year. While the number is truly disappointing and alarming, it strengthens interest in the field of medical-legal careers. The transition for experienced nurses to this field is more accessible now. With several legal nurse consultant online schools, like, one can easily change directions.

Nursing Informatics

Another option for nurses looking for an opportunity outside the clinical setting is the nursing informatics field. This relatively new specialty offers registered nurses lucrative opportunities. A registered nurse will be constantly challenged in the growing field of informatics, while contributing to better healthcare across the board.

Medical Writer

There are many opportunities for medical writers. The field of medicine and healthcare is continuously growing and challenges keep cropping up along the way. There are many medical textbooks to write and many web articles to correct. A skilled and well-experienced registered nurse can apply all that they’ve learned in this field where they can work as freelance contractors or employees for healthcare firms.

From a spot in the medical-legal field to a position in the thriving field of nursing informatics, a registered nurse has several other options outside the clinical setting. The opportunities don’t end here. In fact, a registered nurse can even be a healthcare recruiter, a teacher, an insurance agent or a patient advocate. Regardless of the path pursued, one thing is certain: nurses contribute positively and significantly to society.

The opportunities are endless if one wants and knows where to look.